Knowing ultimate guide for durian vacuum packaging machine

Durian is a typical fruit, which is enjoyed by people though some folks find it smells terrible. Durian fruit can be found in a number of countries, like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. But till now, the durian is MuSang King originate from Singapore.As most of us know, Singapore durian fruits are collected sun-ripened for importing to China market, so that they want ultra-packaging, storage and transport, till they fall into the ground naturally.Durian should meet hygiene standard and packages to protect them in transportation, to import to China. Both durian with durian and shell pulps should be vacuum packed and frozen.Quick freezing: Durian fruits should be fast frozen by liquid nitrogen fast freezing machine at temperature of -196℃ in 3-8 hours after they are collected, to keep their original colour and flavour.Vacuum packaging: Durian entire fruit and pulps ought to be vacuum packed for longer shelf life.

Some durian processing factories use VSP vacuum skin packaging technologies, to prolong shelf life while present a very wonderful 3D look of durian pulps.MAP modified atmosphere packaging can be utilized in storage and packaging of durian pulps. Place durian pulps fill in atmosphere that is mixed with a ration, typically 3-5% oxygen, 5-15% carbon dioxide, and nitrogen keep durian in temperatures, the shelf life may be extended to 8 weeks.

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There are thousands of durian processing factories and durian farms in Thailand and Singapore, that are of manufacturing output capacity. Therefore, the petition for packaging machines that are durian are different. In Singapore, the frozen durian has to be vacuum. So vacuum packing machines are needed in the packaging process. Entire durian’s size and weight is different, so prior to packaging, the procedure for size is essential. Normally a ripe durian fruit weight is between 1.5-3 KG, and of course there are smaller and bigger ones.Since an entire durian is a comparatively large product to be vacuum packed, the packing machines commonly used are chamber vacuum sealers, specially designed with deep cavity around 20cm.

Double room vacuum cleaner overview

Or durian vacuum pack machine, chamber vacuum cleaner, is a sort of industrial standard vacuum bag sealing machine for non-food and meals products. The advantage of chamber vacuum cleaner is that 2 working room and one swing room cover is owned by it, so that there are time and waiting after putting the bags wasting. Efficacy of dual chamber vacuum sealer is double of the efficacy of a single chamber vacuum cleaner system.