Food Guide on the Best Restaurants in Singapore

They say that Singapore is the food mecca of the world. Cultural diversity is so evident and every dish is affected by neighboring states and people who have trade relationship with this bustling town. Restaurants in Singapore are found from those integrated in resorts that provide dining experience in addition to malls to riverside areas. Here are the lists of the very best and most yummy restaurants and food center which you could find here in Singapore. Newton Hawkers Centre The tastiest and most economical foods are found here Oyster omelet is the only one of food for local and tourists alike. A trip to Singapore is not complete with a meal here. Not only are the food great here but you can also find unique and refreshing drinks like coconut water and sugar cane juice. So food variety to choose from but it does not come with a costly price. Newton Hawkers Centre is an open area with only ventilation. So when it is somewhat crowded, expect the place to be hot.

India’s Song This restaurant is famous for food and its service. This is an excellent way. The staff will lead you and nearly all their meals here are authentic food. They have an extensive selection of wine in nice place for dinner in singapore. The staffs are on which wine goes on which sort of entrée educated. The Jade Fullerton This restaurant serves the very best cuisine. This is fine dining at its very best. The food is as lavish as the resort.  Garibaldi Italian Restaurant and Bar.

This restaurant is a name in regards to restaurants in Singapore. Headed by world renowned chef Roberto Galetti, this restaurant serves fine cuisine. This designed and modernly restaurant has a cozy atmosphere.  Teochow City Seafood Restaurant This restaurant provides Cantonese Cuisine and Teochow. The dish is the Cold Crabs. Crabs are steamed making sweetness and accompanied with sweet sauce.